The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyways

Hello family and friends!

We’ve been pretty busy at school this past week – introducing new topics, keeping busy with after school activities and continuing to plan for upcoming events!

Last week we started a unit on healthy relationships with the grade 9 students and with a group of the grade 12 students. This involved lessons on anger management, abuse, trust and overall, how to build and keep healthy relationships in all aspects of life. The lessons were well received and an activity that we found to be especially valueable was the “abuse tree”. This involved each student tracing his or her hand and then on each finger listing a support person they could talk to during a tough time.


The Abuse Tree

The Abuse Tree

Another unit we introduced last week was parenting (still with the grade 9 students). This was a new addition to the QHO curriculum for Pond Inlet after being heavily requested by community members. During these lessons students learned parenting skills through games like “Parenting Jeopardy” and “Myth Busters.” We were incredibly impressed by the great questions that we got from the students!


Last week we also started substance abuse with the grade 7s and 8s. To start this off, we did lessons on peer pressure and self esteem! Our favourite part of these lessons was making our “Warm & Fuzzies Web” that connected each class member with compliments from each other! This week we will be tackling smoking and alcohol with the same students.


A definite highlight since we last wrote was our first Girls’ Night! Of course, the night had to be “Frozen” themed! We watched the movie (doing our best to not belt out every song), did makeovers, nails and of course had some bracelet making. The girls are already asking when our next girls’ week will take place!


Some of the girls at our Frozen-themed Girls' night!

Some of the girls at our Frozen-themed Girls’ Night!

Bracelet making at Girls' Night!

Bracelet making at Girls’ Night!

Rainbow loom... The Latest Pond Inlet Craze

Rainbow loom… The Latest Pond Inlet Craze

Highlights from our weekend also included snowshoeing, visiting Pond Inlet’s Saturday flea market and a long hike by the water! In other news, as Pat and Juana will be heading down south this week, we have switched living situations to a new home! It is a little closer to school and we now have a new beautiful dog to love (Kelsey may already be a little obsessed!).

Just another shot of our favourite iceberg

Just another shot of our favourite iceberg


We will write again soon.


Love as always from the arctic,


Kelsey & Erin


  1. Hi Erin!
    Don passed along your blog to me and I am so happy he did! This is excellent! What an experience you must be having! Those kids will be so much better off having someone in their lives like you, even if for a short period of time. Sounds like a great curriculum and it makes me happy to know these children are getting this kind of attention.
    Can’t wait to read more!
    Thanks Erin 🙂

  2. Hi Erin,

    I am so enjoying hearing about your adventures. You young ladies should be proud of your accomplishments. It sounds like you have come up with some creative ways to discuss challenging topics in such a unique setting. It looks truly spectacular though these tiny pictures can’t capture the vastness and peace.
    The families and people sound so wonderful. What a lifetime of memories for you both.
    Stay well and thanks for sharing.

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