Keeping up with the Kids: Salluit Edition

Last week was a very exciting week, inside and outside of the classroom!


Going hard at that garbage!

We are happy to report that our first week of teaching the primary classes has gone very well. We are working hard to keep our lessons interactive as we can, and so far so good! We have been trying to control the energetic students in our primary classes by creating a point system, where each class receives points for listening and participating during our lesson. We have promised the kids a prize for the winning, just to give them a little extra motivation. To sum up our week, and to add to Friday’s “Respecting our Environment” lesson, we took each class out for a garbage pick up competition, which ended up being very successful. Give these kids a competition, and they will do anything!


We thought we should be professional poster makers too

But for the most exciting news (drum roll please): Salluit’s first ever Boy to Man-A-Thon!!!

After a lot of planning, poster making, and shameless promotion we held two very successful Boy to Man-A-Thons! We held the first Boy to Man-A-Thon for the primary boys on Wednesday afterschool, and the second for the secondary boys Friday after school. Some questions you may be asking yourself right now are: What exactly is a Boy to Man- A- Thon? How were two girls able to control 25 primary boys? We asked our selves the same thing, and here is the answer. The boys were split up into two teams (Lauren took the blue team, and Kendra took the red). The teams were awarded 5 points for the winner of the challenge, 5 points for teamwork, and 5 points for cheering. Each team had a team flag and cheer, and because the points were not only for the winner, we had the boys cheering each other on and helping out their team which made the event that much better! The challenges included cracker eating contest (boys thought whistling would be easy, we proved them wrong!), elimination (aka bump), push up contest, three legged race/piggy back relay, Just Dance competition, and ended with a game of dodge ball. We made “energy bites” for the hard working “men” (shout out to Sandra all the way in Pickle Lake!), and gave each boy certificates of “becoming a man”. With a group of new certified and tired men, we had a very successful event, and have had many requests to have another! We owe a huge thanks to Hugo for helping us out, and to his students make an animation that plays photos from the events out side of the gym for every one to see!


Playing Elimination


Points time!


Gangnam styln’


Lauren demonstrating “proper” push up technique


Look at these men! 


Getting pampered!

With all the hype about the big boy event we had, the girls were getting anxious for when their girls night was. On Thursday we had a spa themed girls night, which was tons of fun! We made facemasks out of oatmeal (this is messier then you think), and did nails and bracelets. As per usual, we had many requests for some Just Dance, which always seems to make it in to everything we do. Popular songs are Gangnam Style, Party Rock, Satisfaction and What Makes You Beautiful (with Lauren’s persuasion). ImageCan’t believe we only have one more girls night left, going to have to make it the best one yet!


Self timer fun

On the weekend, some kids accompanied us on our walk to the cross. We needed them more then they knew, because we had no idea where it was. We had lots of fun climbing the deceivingly big mountain, and when we finally made it to the top we had a beautiful view of Salluit! Once we got to the cross that overlooks the community we had a very nice photo op (discovery of self timer), and ate Kendra’s “No Bake Cookies” as a top of the mountain surprise snack. The kids showed us how to make Inukshuks, which demands for very good rock selection skills.Image

We only have about a week left, and we can’t believe it!

Until next time!

Lauren (“Tom boy”) and Kendra (“Karma”)

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