Week 2.5 in Webequie

Hey folks,

So another eventful week up here in Webequie, and although the Leafs despicable loss put a damper on things and remains a sore spot we were still able to have an alright time (mostly due to the hilarity of our puberty lessons as well as the warm weather). The grade 7/8’s were on a cultural exchange to Ottawa and as a result we got to spend lots of time with the younger grades to Kat’s delight. Booked solid with lessons all week, we covered puberty, healthy relationships, safe sex and even began some substance abuse lessons. These lessons went well, the younger kids greatly enjoyed our “warm fuzzy” mailboxes which they made and had to write each other compliments in, while the older kids were hypnotized by our condom demonstrations. By Friday we were all tired and decided to follow Webequie tradition and take things easy, spending the day playing games with the kids.

2013-05-14 10.31.40

The wonderful artwork of puberty lesson – (drawing by Evan, eggs and sperm magnets by Kat)


2013-05-13 14.29.07

Healthy Relationship: K5’s drawing and telling us about their “special person”!

We also managed to find some time to hang out with the students after school this week. We ran both boys and girls floor hockey as well as showed off some of our saweet moves at the school dance on Thursday. At the dance we tried our hand (or feet rather) at the dance sensation that’s sweeping Webequie; “Shuffling” (with varying degrees of success) but in the end we mostly just provided the kids with some entertainment through lack of coordination.

2013-05-14 11.27.29

Grade 2’s playing the game of Shrinking Island!

After over 2 weeks in Webequie we are also really getting to know some of the kids, and they are definitely getting to know us (since we do most of the talking) as well as many community members and people outside of the school.

Gotta get back to our May 24 weekend

Later Days!
Kat and Evan

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