In a land far far away…Webequie

Well hello there, what a busy week for us to tell y’all about in Webequie!

Whad up Webbie

Whad up Webbie?

With classes starting bright and early on Monday and a busy teaching schedule all week long, we managed to get through a lot of material with the kids. The lessons were highlighted by those on puberty, which we taught on Thursday and Friday with the older classes, a topic always good for a few laughs (from the kids as well as us). We also had the chance to get into the high school, a first for QHO Webequie and one of our goals for this year, and the lessons went well and we hope to continue those lessons!

The past week in the school was “Culture week” where classes in the afternoon involved the kids learning about various traditional teachings including; Bannock making Goose plucking, Games, Crafts, Legends and Drumming. The result was that we had to be flexible in our schedule but we also got to sit in on a few of the cultural lessons. Culture week was capped off Friday with a picnic at the far end of the island. Many from the community came out along with all the kids from SJMEC, and it was definitely the place to be! After getting bused out to the campsite we were able to hang out with the kids, teachers and community members and enjoyed some delicious food.

Kat heading into the wilderness!

Kat heading into the wilderness!

With that, we thought that our excitement and surprises for the week were over, however as the sun set on Friday mother Nature decided things were a little too easy! Snow fell all night so that by the time we got up on Saturday snow mobiles were once again the most efficient form of transportation. The cold weather continued throughout the day, only improving this morning so that we could once again go outside without fear of losing Kat to the wind and/or snow!

Anyways we gotta get back to lesson planning, more updates to come.

Later days,

Kat and Evan.





  1. Hey Kat and Evan! Having a blast reading what you have been up to so far. Congrats on making it into the high school, seems like you guys have been doing lots of amazing stuff! Its awesome you have gotten involved with culture week too, love the syllabics! Will stay tuned for more, lots of QHO love!

  2. I really enjoy the blog.Iit is wonderful that these students have the opportunity to broaden their perspective by visiting and contributing their knowledge and enthusiasm. A great learning experience for them everyone    A proud Gramma

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