Pickle and Mish Week 2: Cupcakes and Cosmetic Mistakes

Girls Night

4 hours, 27 girls and countless bottles of glitter glue later, we have successfully pulled off the most anticipated event of our stay – Girls Night. Team Pickle and Team Mish collaborated to bring together girls in grades 1-4 from Crolancia and Missabay. It was a night full of laughter and fun, as well as plenty of food, crafts, dancing and makeup.

Many of the girls had not met each other before so we started out by having them make and decorate nametag necklaces for them to wear throughout the night. This was followed by a team scavenger hunt around Missabay so the girls from Crolancia could have a chance to see the school. The girls had a feast of spaghetti and fruit punch before the main event, which featured Nick a.k.a. Nikita wearing a dress made of toilet paper and getting his hair, nails and make-up did by the girls. Even though we arrived home covered in glitter, icing and, for Nick, remnants of eyeliner and lipstick, we had an amazing night and the girls seemed to really enjoy getting to know each other and spending some quality girl time together. Teachers from both schools were a huge help in making the night a success and we could not have had the event without their help!

P1080655 IMG_1545



Top Three Things We Learned About Grade 1-4 Girls


1)    They are oddly fascinated by the application of cosmetics upon members of the opposite genderIMG_1569

2)    I’ll let ya know when I figure out two more…

3)     ….




Stay tuned for more Pickle/Mish fun



  1. Hahahahahahaha. We request photo evidence of Nikita! We’ll stay tuned for more appearances. Great that you were able to bring Crolancia and Missabay together, what a fun event!

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