Thunder Bay and Webequie.

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So, we have arriv…wait for it…eddd!!!!!! After two days of travel, which included a layover/shopping spree in beautiful Thunder Bay, we landed in Webequie this morning just before 10am. So far, our trip has been an excellent mix of entertainment, education as well as a good dose of getting to know everything we could possibly want to know about each other! After meeting up at Union Station in Toronto on Tuesday morning, Evan’s educations began instantly as city slicker and world traveller extraordinaire Kat led him through the entire process of getting to the airport and on the plane. After a brief flight to T-bay, things began to hit home for us as we shopped for all of our groceries and craft supplies while enjoying a day of lasts; last Starbucks for Kat, last McDonalds meals, last pizza delivery, and of course our last bits of cell phone reception. But with these lasts we also began to look forward to what was on the way, which led us to stay up late into the night packing and calming our nerves. At about 1am we finally shut our eyes only to be awoken what seemed like moments later by our wake-up call and were again on our way.

After a flurry of activity, in which Kat learnt to her surprise that Evan was surprisingly a morning person, the hotel was again empty and we boarded our second flight of the trip; this one headed to Webequie with two stops along the way, meaning 3 take-offs and landings! The new plane was tiny, with seating for only 13 passengers and an open cockpit through which we could watch our pilots work against the weather, things could only go up (to about 19,000 feet to be specific)… And although strong winds, snow and chilly conditions tried to stop our progress, we eventually made it to Webequie (after a good number of bumps and jolts to Kat’s liking). We were instantly greeted by many friendly faces who were happy to help us get our bearings in our temporary home. After dropping our stuff at our house, we headed up to the school and met the principal Mary, who toured us around the school and attempted to share some of her wisdom of living in Webequie to us, with some success (more on that below), and introduced us to all of the teachers, who were more than glad to introduce us to all the kids and set the stage for our lessons. Our lesson in taking Mary’s word for things occurred when we decided to take a small shortcut across what looked like a few inches of icy snow and turned out to be knee deep water cleverly disguised with an icy crust, one of the first things Mary had warned us about! Another lesson learnt.

Our Ride to Webequie!

Our Ride to Webequie!

Our day was capped off by a series of floor hockey games where we got to know some of the kids. First, Kat put her skills to the test in an all female showdown in which she didn’t disappoint. Following this, the boys took their turn, and there was no holding back although Evan came out on the losing end. We will have to see if our skills improve over the next few weeks so that we can keep up with these kid! For now we have to plan some lessons and get some shut eye before another eventful day tomorrow.

Later Days,

2013-04-30 15.37.47

Evan and Kat


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