Mishkeegogamang: Makeovers, Soccer, Boyz becoming Men

Hello everyone! It’s been an eventful few weeks since we last posted so here is what we did from then until now!

The past 2 weeks in Missabay we taught Substance Abuse to every grade from kindrgarten to grade 8 (tailoring lessons accordingly).  The students seemed very interested and we had a TON of questions that we answered for them.  The teachers were even very interested in the lessons and complimented our teaching style after class, which was very nice to hear! πŸ™‚ This is our grade 2 class labelling “What smoking does to our body”:

The students all got a chance to learn the recovery position, and practice it on each other.  We also went over all of the resources that are available in the community. We invented an awesome trivia game that does not have a name yet, but the board is in the shape of a “Q” so it COULD stand for Question game, QHO trivial pursuit on substance abuse and prescription drugs, or Quick way to earn some chocolate!

Here are some gems from the question box that we couldn’t resist sharing:
“Why is Nick so hairy?”
“Why is Lora so mean?”
“Laura is nice!”


Over the past 2 weeks, we had 3 Girls’ Nights, one BOYZ-TO-MAN-A-THON, one community barbeque, a movie night, some fishing, and a few meetings in the community.  Girls night #1 was planned for the girls from kindergarten to grade 3 in Crolanica which was a great turnout!  The girls made oatmeal facials, did some fun crafts, enjoyed cupcake decorating, and an awesome game of dance freeze!  Oh yeah… they also gave Nick a nothing-but-stunning makeover:

Our inter-school girls night at Crolanica with older girls (grades 4-8) from both schools was planned for the next day! This plan had to change at the last minute because of the number of girls that wanted to come from Missabay!  We did not have enough cars to drive the 16 girls that signed up! So, we decied to change the location to Missabay, and have a seperate girl’s night for Crolancia.  All day there was chat about what was planned for the night and how excited all the girls were.  As Nick drove through the town, picking everyone up at their homes, he recieved another 7 forms and girls who wanted to attend!  We had a grand total of 23 Missabay girls at the event!  We played a bunch of games in the gym, some dance dance revolution, made a song about Mishkeegogamang on the guitar, decorated cupcakes, and had a HUGE dinner for everyone!  But the highlight event was our Paper Dress Fashion Show/ Makeover. We divided the girls into two teams, each getting to give Nick and Matt (a Missabay teacher who was a wonderful sport) a makeover! They also designed paper dresses for their models to wear…and then taught them a walk-off walk for the fashion show.  The girls made a runway… and the walk-off began.  First was Matt, strutting his way through the runway, with wonderful makeup and feather earrings.  Next was Nick, also with feather earrings, a dress that said “Im Beautiful, Don’t Judge” and amazing makeup.  THE VICTOR OF THIS EVENT WAS……………. dum dum dum…………. NICK!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!


This was another highly anticipated event that had to be split between Crolancia and Missabay, due to logistical issues.  By logistical issues, I really mean that we didnt have enough room in our cars for all of the students who wanted to attend.  So, the first BOYZ-TO-MAN-A-THON was held at Missabay, for any boy from grades 3-8 who wanted to attend.  We had a total of 16 guys show up, all ready to become men (according to Nick).  This event had challenges including cracker eating, log throwing, pushups, leg-wrestling, hockey shootout, loudest-grunting contest, football throwing, juice-chugging, and swimming!  Our victor of the event recieved a brand-new fishing rod and tackle box as a prize! We plan to have our Crolancia BOYZ-TO-MAN-A-THON this upcoming week.

Throughout the past 2 weeks, we also volunteered at a community barbeque and a community movie night where we watched Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson acting at his finest.  We also went fishing a few times where Laura was destined to catch a fish.  She claims she caught 4 fish one evening, yet none of them made it to shore… hmmm…. but a community member wa generous enough to give us some of the fish he caught, and teach us how to fillet it and remove all the bones and such.  It was past midnight, but we were hungry and excited… so we cooked our fish anyways.  It was delicious! 

After meeting with the town’s youth activator a few times, he thought that it would be best to cancel some of the planned activities due to the weather πŸ™ .  This was unfortunate but we ran a few soccer games in Mish which the kids loved and want us to keep doing this upcoming week!  We plan to meet with Connie, the Chief, to discuss some of QHO’s future plans and some final things we may be able to do in the community. 

Pickle Lake PE’s made plans to be on the Mish radio this upcoming week, and we also plan to have our Thank-You dinner for the community.  Stay tuned for our last blog which will be at the end of this week πŸ™  TIME HAS BEEN FLYING here in Mish, and we can’t believe our time here is almost over.  Looking forward to the events in our last week, but not our goodbyes πŸ™

Princess Nick, and Fish-Catchy Laura!

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