Leadership Camp!

Our last week here in Webequie! We have accomplished so much, yet we still have so much more planned for this week.

This weekend we hosted our Leadership Camp with great success. Unfortunately, the snow-y weather on Saturday meant attendance was very low; however, it also meant the most committed children came out! On Saturday, we focused on team dynamics, communication, and risk trust and risk. We had a lot of fun games, such as fort-building, a blind-folded scavenger hunt, trust falls, stories, and much more fun. The kids loved all the activities and participated thoughtfully in debriefs after each unit. The giant bag of Jelly Bellies helped keep sugar levels high enough for over three hours of fun! Saturday night we tried our luck at Bingo once again. It was a lot of fun seeing the kids and Justice even splurged on a $4 can of pop!


On Sunday, it was a beautiful sunny day and lots of young ones came over intrigued by our fun and laughter. We had a lot of fun teaching all about leadership styles, conflict resolution and planning for success… We kept the curriculum very activity-heavy to encourage the younger students along. The best part of the day must have been the spider-web activity. It was so fun to watch the children think of a solution to the problem cooperatively and then lift each other through the web to the other side! A great moment of success for Fabi and Justice.

Planning the route


As soon as the Leadership Camp finished, we rushed to meet our favorite local, Norman, at his boat for an exciting afternoon of fishing. This was another amazing experience in Webequie! Norman and Eric, a high school teacher, Justice and Fabi spent nearly seven hours on the water, exploring the vastness of the Great North and fishing until the boat could handle no more! Norman was an outstanding fisher, reeling one in every other minute – ha! Fabi and Justice struggled a bit more, but both successfully caught some walleye and documented it with plenty of photos. Justice (aka the Pike whisperer) threw back more fish than she caught, because according to Norman, the Pike were just not up to our standards. We shared plenty of laughs, catching rocks, the anchor or each other as often (if not more) than we caught fish. Boating back in the beautiful sunset was gorgeous (and chilly) and a perfect way to end our last weekend up North.

The view on our way back from fishing all day

We’re especially looking forward to our last week of teaching, as we have hand-selected topics that we feel are most relevant to the students based on our time here and talking to community leaders. Today we had a very successful lesson on anger management! Other topics we hope to cover include stress management, university and career options, and goal-setting. After school, we hosted our last craft club. We had great fun making “slime” with the kids. Just like quick sand, slime is solid when moved quickly and liquid when stirred slowly. What great fun learning about consistencies and scientific substances – ha!

Craft Club: Playing with the Slime!

As if the day could get any more fun, we played a hilarious game of soccer in the pouring rain (they’re forecasting snow). The older students shared great laughs slipping and sliding all over the field and getting soaking wet!
Best part of the week(end): 

Sitting inside the fort eating jellybeans! We sat inside the fort we built on Saturday for nearly a half hour giggling over the silly flavoured jelly bellies 🙂

Best lesson (of the Leadership Camp):

Warm fuzzies at the end of leadership camp on Sunday! We sat down by the water’s edge, writing down our favourite qualities about each other.

Grossest part of the week(end):

            Getting intimate with our first catch of the day!

Most embarrassing part of the week(end):
            Fabi’s catch rate on the fishing trip- 1 fish every 2 hours, maybe next time!
Signature moves: 
            New names: Fatti and Justin Bieber

Food of choice:
            Bannock dogs (yes, this is like a pogo steroids)

Best Purchase:

$3 strawberries!

Looking Forward To:


Sports, movies, fun lessons, perhaps even a birthday party?!


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