Holy liffft! (new fav saying compliments of Paula B)

It’s a 5-day weekend here in Webequie and we’re crossing our fingers for some nice weather! Despite some water pipe problems and school being cancelled, we had a very productive Thursday. 

We had the pleasure of meeting John Stradiotto at the Career Fair. John is a teacher with WAHSA, a distance education program that enables students to complete their high school diploma from home. Like other WAHSA courses, John’s lectures broadcast all over Northwestern Ontario so students can tune in and call in. Since a lot of our topics overlap with John’s current curriculum, he invited us to call in during yesterday’s Nutrition lecture. Justice could be a radio announcer, Fab a little nervous… both loved the experience! It was more a relaxed conversation about Nutrition in the North and we talked about realistic ways to create healthy meals when shopping at a smaller grocery store, being conscious of sugar and salt content when selecting items, as well as the importance of sleep. We had a great time and will be calling in next week to discuss sexual health topics that we covered this past week! 

After our radio debut, we played yet another game of soccer baseball and then headed off to the North Point with the boys for some partridge hunting! Although we came back empty handed, we had a great time relaxing, searching for snail shells and taking in the beautiful scenery.

We are looking forward to the weekend and plan on holding our first QHO wiener roast.. off to purchase marshmallows and other supplies!

Have a great weekend,

Fab and Justice

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