Goodbye Trail Mix…yes, we bought the one with M&M’s (…yes, we know we deceived you Ellie)

Reba, who also goes by the tall one and who was told her eyelashes were so long and pretty and Liz, the short one who got told she looks 17 and has creepy eyes, wrapped up their first week of teaching!! Unfortunately, it did not end injury-less just like every other northern project blog…. Interested? Keep reading…

As was stated in our earlier post, this week was physical health week featuring Liz doing the seizuring robot (hip hop class). We covered the topics of hygiene, dental hygiene, nutrition, diabetes, heart and stroke, physical exercise, first aid and online safety. We taught almost every period of the day in grades 7-senior classes, and even a CTS northern studies class.

When we did our end of the week review through a jeopardy game the students participated like mad, yelling out those correct answers like bauses. We were prond (Pond proud). We were a little worried about the diabetes lesson since it can be a little complicated to explain and a dry topic but the biology nerds pulled through!! WOO WOOO! We ended up making up a little physical exercise diabetes game for our senior phys-ed class after watching them want to sleep during our lesson. The gym was the teacher Ian’s blood, while everyone else who was joined in pairs by linked arms were cells. Then we had three volunteers, two who were glucose and one who was insulin. The glucose had to try and run away from insulin by linking arms to someone who was a cell (glucose going from the blood to the cell because insulin controlled it to do so…. HAHAHA we loveddd it!!…you do too, don’t lie) To add a special twist it turned into tag so when a glucose linked up with a cell the farther linked person then unlinked and became the glucose running from insulin in the blood to go into the cell. When insulin could not catch the glucose, we said that there was too much glucose in Ian’s blood and he was diabetic. When glucose kept getting caught we said insulin was doing its job and Ian did not have diabetes. The kids LOVED it!!! They were all panting and working up a sweat along with screaming (who knew insulin could be in the next big horror movie). They also started yelling out the actual terms like “who is insulin?!” … “no, I’m glucose!”. SCORE!

With the end of the first week excitement winding down Reba and Liz decided to be grannies on a Friday night while all the kids were at the dance and watch a chick flick with some sour key candies, so nutritious of us. On Saturday, we went to another sweet C-Hall flea market where we bought some crackle nail polish for our girl’s night happening next Saturday! We then went to Jeannie’s, a teacher at Nasiivikk, house for dinner since she so sweetly thought we missed our families and mothers cooking. Her parents passsed away this year but were very respected and involved elders in Pond, and were known for their sewing, singing, drum dancing, teaching, hunting, and raising many children. Liz even had the honour of wearing Jeannie’s mothers beautiful hand sewn Amautik, which is used to carry children. The beading was so intricate and detailed Liz was a little scared wearing it but a memorable moment for sure.

Missing our moms on Mother’s Day despite Jeannie’s delicious and generous meal we decided to make some one of a kind cards for them! We had our own Mother’s Day dinner here at our wonderful host family’s home of caribou Sheppard’s pie which was UNREAL!! Another elder Rhoda joined us for dinner and then after dinner she did the measurements to make Reba a coat and Liz some seal skin boot slippers (step up from salty uggs)! 



Since our P90x plans got dampered by heavy caribou bellies we are turning in for some mental health week lesson planning starting with a bullying lesson tomorrow, followed by some after school basketball then hip hop.

Pond Patooties out,

Liz and Reba

Insert random arsty photo here

P.S. I bet you were wondering what that injury was right…yeah get ready. Liz scratched herself on the tin question jar. Intense right. Good thing we took first aid is all I’m gonna say. Strengthen up Northern!!   

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