Mishkeegogamang: Teaching in Missabay!!

It has been such a great week here in Mishkeegogamang! The teachers at Missabay have welcomed us with enthusiasm and we are excited to be working with faculty and students alike for the next 6 weeks. We jumped into things right away, and have been teaching a full schedule across all grades every day. With various activities and games in tow, this week we taught physical health, focusing on Hygiene and Nutrition. The students responded well to our lessons and it was great to see them engaging with the material. We also learned some new things ourselves! For example, if you’re out on the land and don’t have soap and water handy, the best way to wash your hands is to use wet sand!

We were soooo pumped to go to school today and have Nutrition Rap Battles with some of the older kids who are into hip-hop, but unfortunately the power was out and school was cancelled 🙁

We’re currently planning some great inter-school events with the Pickle Lake PEs, and we’ll be sure to update you all on how they play out!

Rapper Nick and Homie Laura

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