Pickle Lake: In Pickle Lake, drove for days, on the playgrounds where I spent most of my days!

(You all finished that song in your head)!

Back from a solid, snowy volleyball game with the Pickle Lake kids. Yes, it is snowing in Pickle Lake. Yes, it is summer. Julia is happy, Maggie is happier. Our fingers and toes are not. Yesterday we had a great day as we got to drive into Mishkeegogamang and were honoured to have a meeting with Connie, the chief. She had so many amazing ideas for us to work with during our time in Pickle Lake and Mishkeegogamang. Afterwards, at the Crolancia school we were challenged by the older boys to a ferocious floor hockey game. It was great to see their teamwork and mad skillz. After working up quite the appetite we headed off to Cooking Club with some of the younger girls to make some tasty citrus crunchies and cheesy crackers. Nommmm. We ended off our night with an energetic game of grounders. It was great to get to know some more of the kids and their sweet wicked playground.

Today we kicked off our day bright and early (even for Julia) with Breakfast Club at Crolancia! Waffles, turkey bacon, and yogurt, could it get any better?? It was really nice to help out the teachers and enjoy breakfast with the kids. Later on we were pleased to meet with Betty at the clinic. She is such a compassionate, wonderful person, and she has so much insight into the overall health of the community. We spent some time learning some new tricks on the playground swing set and then headed into an epic community game of volleyball…in the snow. Great to practice our mad volleyball serves and get both girls and boys alike involved in the game. The most adorable baby puppies in the world were our cheering squad…except for when Nick tackled them. Boo Nick.

We are satiated with oatmeal, Julia as per usual is still wearing all the underarmour in the world, and apparently Maggie is 40 years old. Solid night.

Chillin out, maxin out, relaxin all cool, headin’ to bed, can’t wait to be in school!

Pickles, Pugs, and much love,
Mama Jules and Maggie the super cool puppy lady

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