Pickle Lake: Football MVP’s and lots of TVP

Maggie and Julia here – We are thrilled to find ourselves surrounded by a whole new circle of friends in Pickle Lake.

We’re tickled (cause it rhymes with Pickle(d)) to meet the neighbors and so excited to finally be in town.  Julia was thrilled to find a bow flex in the living room and a large hill nearby to run her little heart out. Maggie wants all of the dogs.

Today we headed for Crolancia to meet with the principal and were taken on a tour of the school. We might have caused somewhat of a ruckus during nutrition break as all the students excitedly recognized us as the “Queen’s Kids.”  After promising about half the student population to play tag and push them on the swings we had to be on our way home.

Nick and Laura met up with us for a much-anticipated tour of the town, courtesy of Lucie.  The welcome the four of us received from everyone was astounding. It was so lovely to meet everyone and take in the sights of the town. We’re so thankful to Lucie and everyone for giving us such a great first day. After a creative meal of quinoa-TVP-meatballs and carrots (guess who thought of that?), we headed out to the park to play some (surprise!) tackle football.

It was an intense game with a close score. The TSN top 10 moment was when Nick tackled Julia and carried her about 20 metres down the field…. what an interception. It was a really great end to the day.

We’re looking forward to a trip to Mishkeegogamang tomorrow as well as meeting more teachers and kids from Crolancia!!

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