It was the most anticipated event of the season, we got our PR department working hard at art club on Thursday, pumping out poster advertisements for the marketing trifecta: Ulaajuk, Nasivvik and Co-op. Girlsnightintheafternoon2011, more commonly known as Girl’s Party took place at Nasivvik school gym at 2 pm on Saturday. We got to school nice and early around 10 am to day some baking, at 12:30 some grade 9 helpers showed up and we put them to work decorating and icing cupcakes! We made them a stir fry lunch and at the stroke of two, girls from grades 4 to 11 invaded, bursting through the doors! We had about 30 girls and the party of a lifetime began. 

First, free rotation stations, each corner of the room was a different activity. We had facepaint, nailpolish, hundreds of temporary tattoos, and pin the tail on the purple horse. 
A significantly more colourful group of painted and tattooed ladies then started playing games all together! We played huckle buckle, buggies up and squirt! Then our favourite event of the day, the prestigious garbage bag dress competition! Groups of 5 or 6 girls were each given the basics, garbage bag, tape, paper towel, some TP, and a couple pieces of streamers. The creations were AMAZING! Highlights include, fans, purses, veils, and a ‘Miss Pond Inlet’ sash!

Then we stuffed our faces with cupcakes, cake and rice krispies and settled down to watch 13 going on 30. Around 7pm, we made it home, totally exhausted but so happy knowing that all the kids had so much fun!! YAY!
Ok… now a blast from the past! We finished off sexual health week with Contraceptives and STIs and a spontaneous lesson on Cooperation! The pressure was on when we had the 8-minute recess to come up with a lesson plan, but thanks to QHO’s second round interview’s inspiration, we emptied the nearest garbage can and finished the lesson with a sweet activity of building a structure out of recyclables, judged on height, strength and beauty-of course. 

Wednesday afternoon we had our mini-cultural day with the leadership class. We were honored to be given the ‘official’ walking tour of Pond filled with “I used to live there,” “We swim here in the summer” and “We made a clubhouse here when we were little!” We went to the library/museum, which was amazing and had a great display of past and present Inuit culture! Then we went to Co-op, learned a little about nutrition and reading food labels, bought some snacks that were deemed healthy and went back to school to hear Ellie and Emma give a little spiel on their life down South. 

Thursday and Friday we wrapped up the Leadership course, talking about alcohol, healthy relationships, goal setting and self-esteem. This afternoon is our last class, sadly, it has been so much fun! Looking forward to our last week here which is bound to be filled with lots of graduation activities, picnics and packing. Yesterday was also very special as Ely and Alice took us out fishing! We ended up snagging for little guys (yes, you totally showed us up Webequie) which we happily enjoyed for dinner. Ellie was also mesmerized by the gutting process, inflated swim bladder – cool! After waiting over the tiny hole in the ice for multiple hours we appreciate fishermen much much more! No polar bear sightings, and only one tense moment when Alice fell through the ice! Eep! All’s well that ends well, which it did with a Sound of Music/Mama Mia sing along in the back of the Qamutik on the way home. 

Can’t believe it is our last week here, we will miss this place and all the people dearly! 


Fishy Femmes


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