So Long, Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight

Blogging community: we regret to inform you that this will be our last blog. Our 6 weeks spent in Webequie have flown by and we cannot believe that Saturday we will be back on the mainland of Thunder Bay, Ontario (cell phone reception?) and after a 4 hour lay-over Toronto, Ontario. The people and kids we have met here in Webequie have been so welcoming and memorable – we have so many thank you’s to give. We spent 7 hours slaving away on 27 personalized, hand-made Thank You Cards, which still do not express our gratitude.

Reflecting on our time here, we will miss the hilarious one-liners of all the kids:

1) “Do you speak British Columbian?”

2) Question box of the week: topic bullying – “does lady gaga wear makeup?”

3) A kid throws rocks, “be nice”, he responds, “be nice to your p**sy”

4) Best Jeopardy team names: Team Justin Beaver (an actual person in Webequie…), Eaglebanana, and our favourite, The Ladies Choice

As well as our personalized nicknames:

Hilary: Celery, Small (and many other height oriented terms of endearment that are not blog appropriate…)

Meagan: Sasquatch, Meagely, Big, Suzy

And Sarah: Sarily, Normal, Madame Bieber, Todd.

We also must mention our furry wolf friends, who will be greatly missed. Due to our much lighter baggage coming home, we hope to bring back some hybrid wolves, as well as some children (don’t worry, they will be checked in separate luggage).

Our project has come to a close with a few monumental events. We held a Boy’s Night this last Wednesday, in which we made dinner, cookies, played numerous rounds of pictionary, and ended with sports in the gym. Eleven boys between the ages of 11 and 13 showed up for the festivities. The night started great – highlights included: eating hot sauce covered pasta with no hands, a competitive game of soccer-baseball, and much hilarity for us as we found out the boys write their girlfriends names on the inside of their hats (Hilary + Meagan + Sarah = LOVE T.I.E). T.I.E. = true if erased…duh

We encountered some difficulties during the end of the night, as the boys may have had a little too much fun as they refused to leave…This led to desperate clinging to anything and everything in the gym, punching bag and microphone included. 2 hours later, we sauntered home and ate our feelings.

You may be wondering folks…did we go swimming? The answer is YES. The other question…did it snow yesterday? The answer is also YES. After declaring at school that today was the day, we put on our brave faces (and our play clothes), and got ready for our icy dip. Many of the kids ended up joining us, as well as ½ the mosquitoes in Ontario. We had a large audience and several kids joined in after much coxing and borderline peer pressure. A great way to end our week, and lead into tomorrow’s Health Movie Screening, which we have been filming with the kids this past week. This movie will be shown to the entire school at the monthly Awards Ceremony.

We didn’t want to say this earlier, for fear of jinxing Mother Nature…but we have been bug free for 37 days. Today was the first day of bugs, but we are still black fly free. Our choice to not buy bug spray due to economic hardships paid off. We didn’t have the space for it on the way here anyways.

While we are really sad to leave Webequie, the project has been a great success and we are excited to announce its continuation next year. This year was a pilot initiative, and we have been so lucky with the people we have met and the relationships we have built. Two Peer Educators will be hired in Fall 2011 to visit Webequie – spread the word! (Shameless QHO Plug…).

As much as we have enjoyed being blogging bitties, we also appreciate our faithful blog followers. We hope our blog has entertained you ½ as much as it has entertained us.

Word to the Webequie Wannabes, aka all you Northern Nancy’s: your awkward alliterations can’t compare to our perfect puns and witty words.

Adieu, Adieu, to ye and ye and ye.

Thanks for stopping by,

Pungent Pilot Porkers.

(we have eaten our 300lbs)

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