“3 Funnest Ladies in Town”

Today the tribes merged, as new guests have arrived at the hotel – bringing with them food and preserves. They are leaving on Thursday. We may not have to start eating one another if they leave food behind. Yesterday, casually digging amongst the boxes of remnants from last Christmas, Sarah found a box of pancake mix. There was no expiry date, all systems go! On the breakfast menu: pancakes, syrup and smiles all around.

Speaking of “borrowing” food, our Girl’s Night menu consisted of a block of mozzarella found in the freezer (didn’t know you could freeze cheese?), half a gallon of PREGO (tomato sauce) we found in the fridge, and an industrialize size bag of flour used for the make shift pizzas (all 10 of them!). All of the aforementioned ingredients were courtesy of the construction company that was here at Christmas. Hopefully they don’t come back before we leave on Saturday! If they do, we will have to resort to our airport tactics of pulling the charity card.

The pizza making led into a miniature food fight consisting of flour, dough, and odds and ends left over from our gimp bracelets. Girl’s Night round two was an even bigger success than the first. Fourteen girls showed up and were keen to do all the crafts we had planned for them. Some of these included: tissue paper bowl making, beading, gimp bracelets, personalized picture frames, and an epic marathon of photo shoots and videos galore (courtesy of photobooth). As our beauty barf masks were so well received at the last Girl’s Night, we didn’t want to deny the new group of girl’s this spa experience. Problem: it’s Survivor Week, and we are out of oatmeal. Luckily, we have improved our scrounging skills and found a box of corn flakes. Mask ingredients round two: honey, sugar, and cornflakes. Yes folks, it burns. Don’t try this at home.

Something else not to try at home…trust falls off of desks. With our savvy supervision, leadership games were a huge hit among all the grades. We have never seen the grade 1’s line up so quickly and quietly. Just to paint you a picture of what the grade 1 class is usually like…we enter the class with the kids sitting quietly at their desks, casually reading their books…we leave the class with 20 screaming children clinging to our backs and the windows, feet stirring tubs of crayons, chanting our “names”: Smeg-aly, Celery, and Sarahly aka Big, Normal, Small.

Speaking about normal, do you normally go on 6-hour fishing trips? WE DO! We were lucky enough to be invited fishing by a couple of the teachers at the school. We got the grand tour of Webequie island, as well as a bit of a history lesson from Norman, who has lived in the community his whole life. Sites included: eagles, loons, geese, and even patches of snow. The dynamic between best friends, Norman and Eric, cannot be put into words. They are pretty much like a happy version of the movie, “Grumpy Old Men”. They kept us entertained for the entire 6 hours. A boat full of snacks, five smiling faces, and 32 fish later, we returned with dinner, to the bright city lights of Webequie. This has been one of our best experiences so far and we are happy to have been included on their trip.

Stay Classy,

Fishing Fanatics.

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