The Tribe Has Spoken

Exhibit A: make a funny face.

Remember that time when we said it was hot, sunny, and the kids were swimming? And that people down south should be jealous? Oh right. It is now –10 degrees at night, snowing and we are without heat, hot water, telephone, and to top it all off, Bryan has left us again (forever). Thankfully, Barney Beaver (the hotel manager), has come to our rescue once again, providing us with the aforementioned amenities. Without him, we would still be suffering from brain freeze in an attempt to wash our hair.

As we are beginning to enjoy chili round two, Hilary almost saw chili round three as a child head-butted her minutes after scarfing down this delicacy. The kids have continued to humour us with their ongoing antics in the cold weather. There is never a dull moment of toilet tag, especially when the game is interrupted for sexual health lessons regarding the wolf pack. Some of these include having the children teach us about how puppies are made by pointing out the humping dogs. The kids were also keen to point out the aroused dog, asking us uncomfortable questions about his anatomy. Karen, the high school teacher, continues to walk to school with a staff, fending off the wolf pack, as they are tracking the scent of her female dog that is currently in heat. It is no longer sexual health week in Webequie, but the topic seems to persist…


We have been busy for the past few weeks planning for the Career Fair. The Career Fair is attended by the whole community and flights are chartered in for different organizations to set up booths; we were very privileged to be given a spot this year. We set up a poster-board, powerpoint, and pamphlets on Substance Abuse and the ways to seek help in Webequie. We also had a quiz for people to fill out regarding Substance Abuse in the community. These quizzes were submitted for the chance to win 2 prizes, which were generously donated by Levi at the Band Office. We had a lot of people stopping by our booth and asking us questions. It was a great way to raise awareness about the effects of drugs on the body, emotions, and the community.

So proud of our poster & pamphlets!

As our 39 days in Webequie come to a close, we are beginning to take on the mentality of Survivor. It is no coincidence that the television show also runs for 39 days. From our first days in Webequie, we have been planning for this Survivor week, as we will be eating the remnants of our 300lbs of food and scrounging the leftovers from other hotel guests. We pray new guests arrive soon. Today was a good day. We received half a jar of peanut butter and a quarter of a tin of instant coffee. Let us hope we can only be so lucky tomorrow.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.


Stay Classy,


Hungry Hunnies.


*DISCLAIMER: Please note, we are lost on this island without Bryan. Please also note that Bryan is a Lord of the Rings guru. We made him a card resembling Mount Doom. To give you a little taste of the card, here is a tidbit of our witty ditty:


Frodo and Sam went on a great trek,

They made many friends they wouldn’t forget.


Bryan guided them along their way,

Protecting them from danger and the dogs that stray.


To serve and protect is Bryan’s duty,

Taking it to heart and earning some booty.


Bryan kept the ring near and dear to his heart,

Just like the wolf pack has been from the start.


Sarah, Hilary, and Meagan, the stars of the hotel,

Thoroughly enjoyed Bryan’s company…he was swell!


So now that it’s time to say a tearful goodbye,

We can take comfort in the cheap meat we have left to fry!

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