Roaming around the Webequie desert

 “Hello…How about that Walking Club? I guess that’s what they call it in Webequie. Ha. Ha… You guys might not know this, but we consider ourselves a bit like loners – we tend to think of ourselves as a three-man wolfpack. But when we brought Bryan home, we knew he was one of our own. And the wolfpack, it grew by one. So there, there was four of us in the wolfpack. We were alone first in the pack and then Bryan joined in later. And one week ago, when Bryan introduced us to the cheap meat, we thought, wait a second. Could it be? And now we know for sure, we just added 2 porkchops to our wolfpack. Four of us wolves, running around the desert together in Webequie, looking for free food and children to play with.” [slight copyright infringement – The Hangover]

Dear parents, The Hangover is a movie…Sometimes we call ourselves the wolf pack to be funny

We have been graced with heat and sunshine for the past week – sorry to all those reading who are enduring the rain and cold weather down south. Before we found our sunscreen in the bottom of one of our suitcases, the sun left its kiss on Sarah’s neck. The kids decided her peeling skin was a hickey from her boyfriend, Justin Beiber. Although the sun has been shining, there is still ice covering the shore of the lake. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped the kids from running full force down to the water and swimming for hours on end. We only made it up to our ankles before we retreated back to the beach. We’ve made a promise to the kids that we will go swimming before we leave…we may regret this in a week or to as it is sure to remain icy, frigid, and full of leeches.

You may have been wondering why we (the wolf pack) has been on hiatus from the blogging world (NO, we are not in heat – we are sticking to contract!). We have been really busy with community events and “chillin” with our “ever smooth legs” – glad the kids are so observant of our personal hygiene regimes. Walking Club has turned into an after-school games club. This is constantly challenging our creativity skills as we strive to come up with more games beyond the staples of: huckle-buckle, octopus, relay races, blob tag, and toilet tag. These games quickly lead to beach swimming where we struggle to come up with new excuses why we aren’t in the water.

Last Friday was one of the most fun nights we have had yet. It was GIRL’S NIGHT in Webequie! You know the classic nail painting, makeovers, bracelet making, dinner and a movie. We started off the evening by whipping up some cupcakes to later be decorated into frogs. It was an action-packed night, but the highlight was definitely the homemade, budget facemasks, which were a lovely consistency, highly resembling baby vomit. After Meagan was the guinea pig, we can’t believe the girls joined in the festivities. What was in these masks you ask? Oatmeal, honey, and milk…that’s it. Cucumbers were not in the budget either, so we replaced this spa necessity with apple slices. As the masks burned our faces and the apples began to brown, we decided it was time to quickly remove the masks from our faces. From time to time we find remnants of “beauty barf” in mysterious locations around the bathroom and kitchen.

To talk about something a bit more appetizing, we put our resume skills to work this week making close to a thousand sandwiches for the community at the Band Hall. We had a shortened teaching schedule this past week, due to a death in the community, but made the most of our time helping out wherever needed. Monday was the funeral, so we pitched in by putting our culinary skills to work and cleaning and setting up for the multiple ceremonies. We were glad that we could be of help to the community in such a hard time and our previous employment backgrounds came in handy as we pumped out sandwiches in assembly line fashion. Meagan used her hybrid multi-tasking skills to prepare the bread, meat, and cheese for Sarah to gracefully spread the mayonnaise using her Common Ground expertise. Hilary put her previous gift-wrapping skills to work by saran-ing the hundreds of sandwiches with ease and care.

That’s all for now folks,

Stay Classy,

The Budget Beauty Babes.



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