“If someone had twins they could call them mary and juana”

Lessons learned:

  1. By no means is the ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ a hip-hop dance.
  2. Emma and Ellie are boy magnets – even at nail polish club.
  3. Bannock is more addictive a substance than nicotine.


When we woke up Tuesday with only three classes to teach we thought it would be a slower paced, relaxing day. So funny how we both ended up falling asleep by 10pm (taking notes from you Pickle/Mish!).  The classes on alcohol went well, another tricky subject to talk about as the kids know a lot more than you would think, but we were stoked when some of the remembered learning the recovery position from Emily and Sarah last year! Yippee!  We went to girls basketball practice again and ended up on opposite teams marking each other. Emma got a little feisty, Ellie woke up with a few bruises this morning, say no more. After that we went to supervise hip-hop, and casually realized we were in charge of 40 ten-year-olds. Here Emma incurred a few bruises in the form of kids stomping on her feet, while Ellie was spontaneously forced into teaching the Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown to her group as ammunition for the “3-on-3 batttle” when the hip-hop “expert” who was supposed to teach her group got distracted by the sound system. 


Highlight of yesterday was bannock! Not only did we get a few bites at school but Alice taught us how to make it in her own kitchen – and it was much much better. Ellie and Emma are both suffering from bannock comas. For those who don’t know it is basically flour, milk, and a bit of salt and sugar deep-fried in oil. It sort of tastes like a pancake mixed with an English muffin mixed with greasy deliciousness! Even better with peanut butter, jam or Nutella!

Another highlight was in our anger management class that we had to teach the Grade 9’s on a whim after we performed our first skit one of the kids blurted out “real people, way better than TV.” Our smoking lessons went over well for the most part, we grossed them out with some great YouTube ads (the ones in the kit!) and Emma gave a riveting quitting smoking speech about her “friend” and how they quit.


Afterschool we had our first beading/bracelet/nail polish club. It started out with lots of girls, but most of them trickled out and in came the boys. We thought they would stick to the black, white, and red bracelets but nope, out came the nailpolish and half an hour later we had at least four boys with perfect manicures. Flowers and stars to boot! I think we’re going to have to have a bouncer for girls night.

Nail polish and beads, oh my!    

We taught 5 classes on drugs and inhalents today, with an awesome game of jeopardy to review the whole which the kids loved – classic battle between the monsters and kitty cats aka. boys versus girls! Looking forward to the long weekend and getting out on the land tomorrow with the staff trip. We are going to meet all the senior students who have been out on a 5 day adventure!

Our pal freddy – covered in X’s

Chow for now,

Bannock Babes    

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