“Guys, I think we need to calibrate the scale.” Or maybe we should start to heed the advice of our own nutrition kits…

We are pleased to update that our foursome will be helping out with and planning numerous events within the community, including a guardian/student Sunday walking club, Friday Fun nights at the Community Hall, a Crolancia and Missabay girls’ night, an interschool sport’s day and much more to come.    

As per usual, Michaela tossed her luxurious leopard print snuggie aside to greet day 7 with enthusiasm as she and Eric headed to Mish early that morning. However, little did she know that she and Eric would be serving food all day for a very important land claims law suit event in Mish. So as history was being made, Eric was manning the turkey stuffing station and Michaela was spilling ham juice all over herself in the cook room. Their adventures don’t stop there, for the  duo has done a great job in planning a family walk through the Baby Centre in Mish and are working on having health-related messages translated to Ojibway on the local radio.

In the meantime, Jess and Kelsey attempted to win over the high school students with a heated game of floor hockey for a physical education unit, which was incredibly fun. They have also become regular attendees at various exciting events offered by the school, including the weekly karate club, outdoors club, breakfast club and sports club when not involved in a befuddling game of “Kittens,” which seems suspiciously like tag, with the minor addition of ever-changing and extremely cryptic rules. 

Our Pickle pair then concluded their school day by being escorted home by numerous wonderful children from the school while our Mish match was simultaneously followed by a pack of dogs licking ham juice off of Michaela’s legs.  Jess, Kelsey and Michaela then ended their evening by joining Tanya and several other women from the community for their weekly heart-exploding cardio workouts by Jillian Michaels.

The “Kittens.”

Other noteworthy occurrences include a 2 hour adventure at the reserve, where Eric spent the full two hours rolling over rocks looking for gold, while Michaela spent the full two hours rolling her eyes at this. Luckily the two of them were not joined by too many bugs while trudging through the swamp. However, the next day, Michaela, Jess and Kelsey did the dance of the mosquitoes at the park while the children smiled at each other knowingly because that would certainly not be the worst of it. However, in all fairness, the mosquitoes are more like birds here.

In other news, our group decided that it isn’t very cool that we go to bed before 10, so Michaela (or Mic I should say, after Mickey Mouse, who one student suggested Michaela’s hairline looks like) has taken it upon herself to become the “Sleep Police,” shaming us into a tense countdown at 9:48, where we wait with bated breath for the clock to strike 10 and it is appropriate to sleep.

Lastly, we’d like to give a shout out to Tanya, whose home-made cookies not only caused Kelsey to pretty much scramble on all fours to the kitchen after the word “cookies” was uttered, but also left us feeling grateful for her generosity. Thank you Tanya! 

Mish you,

Pickle People

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